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Dear Sirs,

AD&Sign Server welcomes you at the international web-portal on large format printing and outdoor advertising in Russia.

The web-site is dedicated to outdoor ads and provides all the visitors listed below with an opportunity to inter-communicate in Russian:

  • outfit, hardware, equipment and materials producers;
  • outdoor advertising companies;
  • outdoor advertising distributors;
  • people related to printed sources and information internet resources.

Online Business card

We have created a special web page for your services and products advertising. We will also make a translation into Russian just for free. With our help you will be able to communicate with a world-wide market. Just fill up a special form and all the business groups that are interested in your production can make a deal with you even from China.

Open statistics of AFR.RU domain

All the statistics can be viewed at (are accessible at) the independent internet source LIVEINTERNET.RU
Statistics: list of visitors’ countries and cities

If you need any additional information about hosting your ads at our web-source AFR.RU please feel free contact our public relations department: e-mail: [email protected]

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