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    It is a well known fact that sign industry has become an essential part of the global economy influenced by and impacting, in its turn, the advertising market. Mainly as a result of such crucial changes there is a further steady increase of interest in and demand for unique advertising products spread not only among the large manufacturing market players but also among the smaller businesses and business individuals.
    One of the typical features of the sign industry is that the product is always selected, designed and produced according to an individual need and meeting particular criteria in respect of both form and contents.
    Although most signmakers are focused on the national scale players, there is a growing trend to expand and broaden the sign industry to the world or international clients.
    Our innovative site is designated for bringing the sign makers all over the world and the customers together. This is the most comprehensive and primary resource assisting you to find a signshop, signmaker, designer or signwriter in your region immediately and in future from anywhere in the world. Additionally you will get connected to the equipment suppliers, printing companies and products or services samples.
    The registered users take advantage of even wider range of services including placing advertising material and information about themselves, describing and picturing their products or company, exchanging their opinions about quality, participating in the forum professional and amateur discussions. The above mentioned free registration provides you with a direct unrestricted access to the international network of the sign industry leading you to a completely new upper level of your company’s placing at the world stage.
    The site is quite easy to navigate and it does not take too long to load, as its main purpose is to bring you closer to the supplier or customer instantly without any spare millisecond.
    Currently, the site is glad to offer a variety of useful services, particularly, the companies’ online catalogue, a unique system of the large format printing quality estimating and a regularly updated dictionary. We have arranged the advertisement materials to be published in specific sub-folders together with press-releases and any other information related to the professional activities of the signmakers like tenders publications, vacancies and news. You will be always informed well in time about any tenders held anywhere or publish the tender yourself.
    The frequent users have a perfect opportunity to grow together with the site due to a constantly ongoing updating and increasing of the site resources, particularly professional reference literature, encyclopedia, articles, general news and recommendations section. Over in above the site provides you with a possibility to actively participate in sign industry market formation by taking part in different tests and polls for your views about quality, prices levels and your tastes expressing.
    The experts are always willing to maintain their level of professionalism and they are able to improve their expertise through our site resources ranging from the applicable legislation to the advertising market reviews readily accessible any time. Learn more and stay updated about the evolution of sign industry and you will always be a specialist of a high level and demand.
    Any customer will find the product and supplier according to his own needs and requirements with the help of our site, not only by reading the advertisement or promotion material but also by getting more thoroughly acquainted with the aspects and details of the sign industry and production and getting a more practical assistance by reading our section of recommendations for the customers designed to give you a full understanding of the peculiarities and general data.
    The manufacturers and signmakers comprise not only designers but also producers of the sign components, i.e. industrial sectors like electrical components, large-format digital printers, paints, structural steel, electronic displays and even raw materials including structural steel, vinyl, polycarbonate, adhesives and coatings.
    You will save your time and efforts with a help of our site and will find it the preeminent source of full and detailed information on visual communications as well as information about using, making, finding, purchasing and installing signs. We are here to serve an all covering guide to the customers not to get lost among the useless and outdated misleading ads but to achieve the desired result at a minimum cost of time.
    Finally, the preference of our resource is that here one can discover new solutions, completely new ideas, new suppliers and distributors.

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