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    Our experienced team has developed a unique service for the sign industry players, particularly, named Photo show-case. This is an exclusive opportunity for the customers to find a perfect supplier or a product while for the suppliers it is the best way to demonstrate their products and services in order to attract more clients.
    The suppliers are able to show the brightest samples of their ideas performed in practice, the signmakers will use this service to visualize some outstanding innovative solutions which could get a hold of the customers from different parts of the world.
    This show-case is designated to strengthen the local connections with the world market and further involve the international sign industry participants so that the customer could locate the supplier not only in his region but also in any place of the world, likewise the signmaker could contact a rare equipment producer or supplier located anywhere in the overseas country.
    The users of the service are granted with an excellent opportunity to introduce their companies, their products and services, as well as to attract a larger number of the consumers by presenting their vivid portfolio of the entire assortment produced or offered by them proving their proficiency and expertise.
    The visual demonstration is always the best means of assuring and confirming efficiency, profound knowledge and reliability, due to which the show-case is going to become a central trade place as well as a basic platform for intercommunication and commercial transactions of the sign industry contributors and consumers from all over the world. This outstanding facility will ensure a direct contact without any intermediary, instant feedback and cost reduction through saving on telephone, fax, printing out, registration fees, as joining the Show-case and further maintenance have no time limits and is provided free of charge.
    Even more consumers are obtained on the account of the fact that all information is produced in Russian, English and Chinese languages with a help of the specific software ensuring proper terms translation into the advertisers’ specific language.
    All the professional signmakers and consumers make every effort to be in line with the steady and ongoing evolution of the sign industry, keep an eye on new designs, shapes, ideas, follow up the news and events, and the site will be the first and priority resource to be attended by the people concerned from different sectors of economy and various locations. Such a unique feature of this resource will contribute into your company’s reputation, your products and services’ publicity promotion and popularization.
    The local sign industry players are in a position to grasp the opportunity of entering the world network of the visual advertisement and to occupy the respective place there. It is also the best facility to exchange the achievements, to learn more about the inventions and their practical performance. The Photo show-case will not have a national focus only but will be a centralized resource for the global signmakers and consumers offering the widest variety of products, equipment, services and knowhow. This is just the opportunity not to be missed by the business entities and individuals aimed at success and constant improvement.
    Particularly, the designers who have not yet got a rich background and have to yet occupy their appropriate place should take an advantage of Photo show case where all the names are equal and it is only a visual effect that really matters. The folder containing the most interesting solutions of the outdoor advertisement is replenished on a regular basis, so that the customers could have a right of choice of the sign designing which could any time turn out to be a piece of art and contribute even more into the image of the company or the individual.
    Even the equipment producers, participants of industrial sectors and signwriters, advertising agencies, sign installers and an endless number of audience will obtain an unarguable benefit from using the service of Photo show-case, thus, contributing in the entire signindustry progress and successful development of every single participant of the network.
    The Photo show-case is an easy operable service, working quickly and without any restrictions with an ultimate idea of combining all the possible pre-inspected products and services offers and the interests of consumers for different and original products and services. The exclusiveness of the feature is also supported by the fact of non-availability of any other similar services or facilities anywhere in the internet due to which this invented utility has been patented and is wholly copyrighted by the Federal Advertising Agency of Russian Federation.

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