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Производство конструкций - Выставка

Производство выставочных стендов.

Advertising Stand (Exhibition Stand, Advertising ,Display Stand) answer your needs. Its best serves your roadshow, event and  exhibitions purposes and your return on investment is definite.   Twist your way up! Within minutes, your ideal displays is completely set up without skill or sweat. Exhibition booth set up have never been so easy.  Advertising Stand (Exhibition Stand, Advertising ,Display Stand)should establish a unique identity and creat a memorable visual look.  Advertising Stand (Exhibition Stand,Advertising ,Display Stand) must turn an abstract identity into a face people can like and trust,then exhibition stand is the art of finding the right mixture of abstraction and emotion.  A custom exhibition stand is the key for attract more visitors,more contacts and bring in more business.

Краткое описание, модель: Exhibition Booth
Цена на 13.08.2009: 1541.54USD
Типоразмеры: 3m*3m
Минимальная партия: one set
Упаковка: bag package

Размещено: HONDEAL SIGN-EQUIPMENT (XIAMEN) CO. LTD., Поставщик оборудования,
  , 2565

Производство конструкций - Выставка

выставочный стенд для компании DYO на Южном Архитектурно-строительном форуме 2010 г.
Производство выставочных стендов.
Четкие и яркие выставочные стенды в едином стиле.
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