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Famous LIYU brand Appollo PTP series Printer

Perfect combination of resolution and speed Inkjet printer, available with 1.8m/3.2m, Konica256/512 head optional, indoor quality.

Max. Speed: 144Sqm/h (1pass)
Max. Resolution: 1440dpi.

Highlight Features:
1. Modern design,rigid mechanic system.
2. Konica head, branded linear guider and servo motor enables high quality print.
3. Optical fiber data transmission, Anti-interference, more stable data transfer.
4. Separated location of strong and weak current, higher security.
5. New platform adsorption function, greatly enhanced the reliability of Vinyl printing.
6. 4/6/8 heads can be upgrade to each other directly without any changes.
7. Auto. positive pressure and head auto. cleaning system, greatly reduced the time and process of head maintenance.
8. Double head filtration, double insure of head lifetime.
9. Independent LIYU control software with Bi-direction blank-jump and feather printing functions: save your precious time and improve your printing quality.

Краткое описание, модель: Apollo PTP series: PTP1804/6/8; PTP3204/6/8
Цена на 26.10.2009: To inquir online, MSN: [email protected]
Минимальная партия: 2
Упаковка: Solid and Strong Export-standard package.

Размещено: Anhui Liyu Computer Equipment Manufacturing Co.Ltd, Поставщик оборудования,
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Широкоформатные принтеры - Конструкции

sample maker cutter plotter corrugated carton box cardboard carton box digital Installation conditions
Environment requirement:Normal requirement

Installation conditions:Do not install in damp conditions
Operation mode:automaticOperation worker:Know AUTOCAD design 
cutter machine makes cutting, creasing, drawing available undertaking AOKE machine’s stable, high speed, high accuracy. It could meet sample making or small production require of packaging company, corrugated box manufacturer, color box manufacturer, color printing manufacturer, die cutting manufacturer. It could cut corrugated board,chipboard,foam board,plastic board,cloth etc. we are great reputed by customers from packaging,advertisement,printing,die cutting,electron,gasket,sign industries. 
Its character as following:
A)Four tools include oscillating knife tool, drag knife tool, creasing tool, plotting pen.
B)Carton and box can reach to perfect cutting performance
C)Convenient half cut set to achieve perfect half cutting performance
D)Safety guard system is equipped to avoid injury
E)Brunt model sold well in EU and USA market
E-mail: aokecut@163.com 
MSN aokecut@163.com 
SKPYE :aokecut
ICQ: 638681509 
Mobile phone :+0086-15916997282
contact person   Mrs betty
Technical Specifications for Maxima PZ series Inkjet Printer: MODEL PZ3204/PZ3206-KM	PZ 3208-KM Print Tech
Innova PS Large Format Inkjet Printer, the 2pass resolution, speed up to 600X800dpi, 120m2/h.
Famous LIYU brand Appollo PTP series Printer
Высокоскоростной рулонный принтер SKYJET-3312KL-6C.
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