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Светодиодные лвмпы 300 Вт.
Led Grow light 300W(DM-G300W Series)
1.Use led we produced to make led grow light to confirm quality control and favorable price
2.Use high efficient 288x1W led as the light source
3.Wide beam angle:120 degree(larger lighting area)
4.Red and blue wavelength can be adjusted according to your practical application
5.Ratio of red and blue is :8:1,we also could change the ratio according to your speical requirements
6.Red and blue mixed together provide exact spectrum for plant growth
7.Emitt exact spectrum required by photosynthesis,no light wasted in the light spectrum for plant growth
8.smart apparance,built-in switching mode power supply,light weight,small volum,small light decay,long lifespan:over 50,000h
9.Unique heat dissipation device:thermostatically controlled fans to keep LED light cool
10.Envionment-friendly:have no mercury and other harmful heavy metal,emit no light harmful for plant growth and energy saving

Краткое описание, модель: Led Grow light 300W(DM-G300W Series)

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Интерьерная реклама - Лампы

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