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SKYJET UV Flatbed принтер
can print on the surface of any flat flexible and hard material, to realize the environmental printing process with high-resolution and multi-color,no plate and non-touch,instant drying while printing. occupying small space,and can be operated by one person, easy production process,and efficient jobs delivery, which is good match for individual and variety of materials, printing business in decoration and advertisement field.
Different models' print area: 3.0m*2.2m, 3.0m*2.05m, 2.5m*2.0m,2.5m*1.83, and 2.5m*1.25m.

Краткое описание, модель: SKYJET UV Flatbed принтер
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Размещено: Shenyang Sky Air-ship Digital Printing Equipment C, Поставщик оборудования,
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Широкоформатные принтеры - Оформление

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SKYJET UV Flatbed принтер
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